Helping individuals and businesses to develop and grow their ideas and meet tax requirements with the government.

Income Tax Return​

Maximize your refund!
We are CRA E-Filers. A team of Professional Tax Preparers is ready to help you out to get the more benefits in your return. Use all credits available for you and your family.

Registered with the Government to represent you with all tax matters, the government asks, we’ll answer! CRA can audit your Tax Return in a period of 6 years, when you’ve done your taxes with us, we’ll stand with you during those 6 years to assist and answer if CRA gets any questions.


Business Planning

Looking to create a business?

We at P&M have a set of skills to promote your idea into a better structured business. This includes the preparation of Business plans, business canvas or lean canvas, and experience presenting to banks the business plan when applying for a loan. We consider ourselves the best ally for your growing business.
  • Create Business Plan using a Business Methdology
  • Create the Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder
  • Create Lean Canvas using Ash Maurya Model
  • Adapt Business Model to Bank Business Model


Registration and Payroll Reports

The Workers Compensation Board promotes safety and health in Saskatchewan workplaces and aims to help prevent and reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and disease.

P&M will review your application. If you’re eligible to register and you’ve provided all the necessary information. We will help you to receive your account number and supporting information.

We also do Payroll Reports and help you to avoid payroll reporting errors.


Registration and Payroll Reports

You don’t want to be run by your business; you want to run your business. We will take care of the bookkeeping tasks and free you up to run your company. P&M provides bookkeeping services to meet all your requirements.


  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Employment expenses
  • Preparing year-end financial statements


Business owners often find payroll preparation to be an administrative burden. It can become time consuming and unprofitable for you. P&M takes charge of a company’s complete payroll service from input to year-end reconciliation. Our professional accountants are knowledgeable and enjoy working with clients on an individual basis.


  • Set up new employees in books
  • Calculate payroll, additions and deductions and issue checks
  • T4’s, T4A’s, T5’s and T5018


Compliance & Returns

All type of business have a responsibility with the Federal and Provincial government. Self-employees (Sole proprietorships), Partnerships and Corporations. Opening a GST account is a responsibility with the Federal government, and we help you to be in compliance with all your returns and payments. Saskatchewan PST also requires to be in compliance with your Vendor License or your Consumer Account.

Corporate Taxes

P&M makes detailed recommendations on ways to minimize taxes, simplify accounting procedures, streamline operations and increase profitability.

Bookkeeping is mandatory for all Corporations and we have the multidisciplinary group of bookkeepers and Designated Accountant with the expertise to prepare and file the Corporate Tax for your company.

Employment Insurance

for Self employees & Corporation’s owners

Employment Insurance for Sel-Employed?
Yes! There is an option for self employees to get EI benefits. Get ready for the unexpected. We can help you with the application process.
There are 5 types of special benefits:

  • Maternity benefits
  • Parental benefits
  • Sickness benefits
  • Compassionate care benefits
  • Parents of critically ill children benefits

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