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Planning a trip to Canada for travel and leisure or to visit family?

Our service just will save a ton of time and research for you. The Professional immigration consultant will review the facts regarding your situation, answer your questions, discuss your options, and provide you with a plan of action.

Look forward to show to your parents or grandparents what does mean the Canadian life?

Let me introduce you with the Super Visa. The maximum validity date for the multiple entries Super Visa is ten years, or one month prior to the applicant’s passport expiry, whichever is earlier. Within that time, Super Visa holders can remain in Canada for periods of up to 2-years. In comparison, a regular visitor visa is usually valid for a maximum period of 6-months. Life is short – give your parents an opportunity to see you more often.

Our consultant will help you draft your application and arrange the required documents. A well-planned and complete application will increase your likelihood of acceptance and will save you from hassle.

Starting March 15, 2016, foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). We help you with that option as well.

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